Who Started This?

by Piper's Son

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Who Started This? is the second LP by Piper's Son. Gatefold vinyl LP and download released by Vacilando '68 Recordings. Available here: www.vacilando68.org


released February 27, 2016

Recorded by Simon Trought at Soup Studio.

Piper's Son is Victor Bock, Rick Carbone, Thom Driver, Jared Fisher, Peter Harris. Extra players on this record are Dylan Bates, Dave Fullwood, Claire Sellwood. All songs by the band, words by Thom Driver.


all rights reserved



Piper's Son London, UK

Piper's Son do songs, since 2010 or so. Physical product available from Vacilando '68 Recordings: www.vacilando68.org

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Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up, shoes on, log on time to make bread
there's one hungry god who needs to be fed

Come on you pilgrims, shoulders hard to the wheel
live like an island, become your own dream

Because no-one owes you, you owe nobody else
greed is good and so is faith in yourself

And then you can climb all over all the losers
kick them and trick them, tell them how it just proves
how good you are

Preacher, drunk at thee controls you say
there's no way, there is no other way but mine
you must trust my blind god with his hidden hand
there for those who grab the best, and the rest be damned
Track Name: The Last Nail
Would it make your grey husk of a soul sing
to hammer home the last nail?
in the coffin there lies all that can't be
reduced to some old cliche
and thrown away

Happy reading, here's your breakfast
doom on paper, brewed up with a
storm in a teacup and sides of lifestyle envy

Found a worldview safe to cling to
found a way to make sure everything I say is so
is so, it says so here too!

Free to be me and wrong
and the ego be damned
and the pig in the sky
says "well done, nice try!"

I'm engaging with the issues
rearranging all my thoughts according to opinions
I'm already sure of

From the safety of my worldview
two and two make five and I can
square all circles freely, leave your logic reeling
Track Name: Monkey's Mouth
Holy fakers barrel scrapers
fortune winks at them who take up
fascination with higher stations
snake on ladder never dither slide your slither

When did you discover that people do each other?
they scramble for the big fish, scramble for the pillows
but all this has an ending and there is no extending
time on earth you have
for your plans, for your things

You are like a weather vane
I am like a blank white page
you blow and change in every wind
I often have nothing to say
now here we are in the zoo
see the humans follow
glory stories
from some monkey's mouth

No relying on above
for a nonbeliever
may as well call heads
heads or tails, best of three
Track Name: Love For All The World
Don't know when
where or how
don't know why

Don't know much more than
when we lived in the caves
but I get by

And I care, oh yes I care
here in my special chair
there's love for all the world
it's a shame, how can you help them
with a song for yourself
and a 'click this now'

Crisis time
to the left
evil crimes
to the right

From above black rain
down below earthquakes
but I get by
because I never leave

The safety of my chair
I am a tiny king of
no one, so give me peace
I'm feeling good
about feeling bad
and feeling bad about
feeling good
Track Name: Golden Leaves
Someone taps your shoulder
so you spin round, oh it's you Dad
how's the next world, when I wake up
will I still know what you told me?

Of the leaves and the wheels and the reasons for love
of the sea and the earth and the people you knew back then

In the old world, making headway
or the best of, or just coasting
different speeds in all directions
endless questions and dissections

Of those leaves and the wheels and the reasons for love
of the sea and the earth and the people who grow all those
golden leaves
Track Name: Temporary Arrangements
hungry and true believers
in structure and reason

all good team players
willing to do whatever and smile

Rest on a bed of temporary arrangements
earn a crust by temporary arrangement
onwards, upwards, sideways, which way now?

walking enclosed in headphones
big bombproof headphones

I'm busy and planning
thinking my way past reason
Track Name: Heavy Head
Break the door down
but there's no one in
throw your questions
on the fire
oh my burning friend
how you need to
be the only flame in the room

Your head is heavy
is it full of all those things they said?
the jibber and the jabber
in a room full of peacocks loosed
to weigh down all your thoughts
does your heavy head need support?
my shoulder is ready
to be a holder for all that stuff
Track Name: Foundation To Fake
We grew up tough as weeds, by the side of the A23 some got stuck, some took their leave, and there were those who grew into trees

Jump when they say - how high please? You know the bullies and their awful needs, to rule a realm however small, those tiny kings of dog shit park

Beneath the river and rain
in the land of the blocked up drains
when you say 'hi', give your name
best give nothing else away

Just south of the stagnant pond, under the shade of a plastic palm frond, there's a bench forever known, as the place to go when you're ready to know

About the things that you cannot learn, back in school or the most open home, open mouths, running wild, with open cans on every side

Happy days in a drunken haze, a little self-promotion, careful what you say now
in the park an audition for a thousand stars of a thousand make-or-break productions
and there's a fake nude colony, where they run up all of the emperor's new clothes
so hold the press and fill the page, I confess to zero interest in why you changed your name
Track Name: Who Started This?
I'm in love with all the wrong kinds of stuff
filth for the mind and guts and other dumb fluff
I live in you just like the others do
we all hold the same controls but drive our own ways

Here comes a war, just like the ones before
here comes another war, neither one wins
Who started this - you did, we both insist
it seems that we have to fight before we can live

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